Cumberland County Health Department has new interim director

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C.  (WNCN) – The Cumberland County Health Department has a new interim director – Duane Holder.

On the job exactly a week, Holder, who is also the assistant county manager, sat down with CBS North Carolina.

Holder is the third person to occupy the health director’s office in less than a year.


The change comes during the worst flu season in a decade. Also, as the Health Department continues to notify women who had abnormal test results.

The county’s own internal review found 159 patients hadn’t been properly notified. The tests took place between 2011 and 2015.

“When we have talked with some of our outside risk management professionals they feel like its 81 percent of the women have been contacted and confirmed and we’ve heard back from them,” Holder said.

Holder told CBS North Carolina they’d spoken with 129 of those 159 women.

“We’re still working with internal audit to make sure that things that were identified are followed up on,” Holder said.

According to Holder, they now have more overnight. One person is tasked with data entry, while another person is responsible for tracking.

On the issue of morale, Holder admitted it’s a problem.

“I hadn’t heard the bully comment but that’s something I’m making myself available to the staff about,” he said.

Holder also said he supported a request by Commissioner Charles Evans for an outside review of the health department.

The search for a new health director has been put on hold.

Holder said they first want to determine who should oversee it — the Board of Commissioners or a Board of Health.

There’s no timeframe on when that decision will be made.


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