Florida mother-daughter fight over pot and ex-boyfriend ends in gunfire

BROOKSVILLE, Fla. (WFLA) – It is a story straight from the files of “You can’t make this stuff up, not even if you tried.”

According to Brooksville police, a mother-daughter duo were caught fighting over weed and an ex-boyfriend.

The Brooksville Police Chief George Turner said the mother planned to purchase a quarter-pound of marijuana from her daughter, Jennifer Snell’s, ex-boyfriend. When the daughter found out, the drama began.


The sale was set up at a gas station near a 24-hour Walmart. Investigators report that Snell either talked her mother out of the purchase, or intercepted it, and she met her ex at the gas station, demanding that he stop peddling pot to her mom. When he refused, she pulled out her gun, and fired six shots at his sedan, hitting the vehicle five times.

Then, according to Chief Turner, Snell got into her sedan, and rammed the ex’s car.

Witnesses at the gas station, as well as crystal-clear surveillance video from the gas station, helped Brooksville PD quickly track down Snell, who was booked on multiple charges.

No one else was arrested and no one was hurt.


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