Warrants reveal Raleigh apartment shooting stemmed from drug deal

Monya Ter'rell Morrow and Adrian Tisdale (CCBI)
Monya Ter'rell Morrow and Adrian Tisdale (CCBI)

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Search warrants reveal the three men wounded by gunfire at a Raleigh apartment complex were involved in a drug deal.

Investigators recovered more than 100 shell casings from a car after responding Wednesday night to a call of shots fired at the Midtown Crossing Apartments on Lynn Road.

The warrants do not indicate if those shells were from Wednesday evening or beforehand. Dozens of bullet holes littered the walls of several apartment units.

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Documents filed with the courts by Raleigh Police detectives indicate two men went to the apartment complex Wednesday evening to meet “an unknown subject” to purchase narcotics. When they arrived, records show several people started shooting at them.

The detective’s report said one of the men was able to disarm one of the men. He began to use the weapon to fire back at the now-retreating attackers, and struck Adrian Tisdale in the leg.


Paramedics took Tisdale and the two injured intended buyers to a nearby hospital to receive treatment for gunshot wounds. Officers later arrested Tisdale for failing to appear in court on earlier charges including defrauding an innkeeper, driving while license revoked for impaired driving, and possession of an open container of alcohol in the passenger area of a vehicle.

Police arrested 20-year-old Monya Ter’rell Morrow on two counts of assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill and inflicting serious injury for the two wounded men who came to the complex to purchase narcotics.

Officers searched Tisdale’s car at the scene and found 10 rounds of ammunition for three different handguns, gun cases and holsters, a mask, and a bag of marijuana. Investigators found 109 spent shell casings and one unspent bullet in the victims’ car, along with empty packaging for the ammunition.

Some of the people who live at Midtown Crossing said Tuesday they have serious safety concerns, and are in search of new places to stay which they hope will offer a new sense of security. One tenant who asked to remain anonymous said he has already found a new home several miles away and will be moving this weekend.

Others expressed interest in moving out but said it’s not in their budget at this time. Greg Johnson said management is willing to release people from their leases without penalty, but the cost of making a deposit and paying extra for a first month and last month of rent, along with moving his possessions, is just too expensive.

Raleigh Police told CBS North Carolina that the property management company, Utah-based Cottonwood Residential, asked for officers to take part in a safety meeting with residents. The apartment owners also asked for some extra patrols.

Johnson said this should have happened sooner, and that he and some of neighbors asked for it earlier.

“We’ve had issues with people doing drug transactions out in broad daylight,” he said.

“We’ve complained multiple times about unsavory people in the neighborhood, and trying to clean it up, make it better. (We’ve) asked for better lighting. We’ve had car break-ins. Could they get security people to patrol?”

Maintenance staff have installed some additional lighting around the grounds in the days after the shooting.

Cottonwood Residential did not respond to multiple telephone and email requests for comment.


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