Johnston County schools planning active shooter drill

(CBS North Carolina)

SMITHFIELD, N.C. (WNCN) – The school shooting in Florida is yet another reminder of the importance of active shooter training. Johnston County Schools is already planning one in May.

Johnston County Schools have over 35,000 students. On any given day, there are more people – students, staff and teachers gathered in them than anywhere else in the county.

“As unfortunate as it is the world we live in its happening. We have an obligation to be prepared,” Kevin Hubbard, the Interim Director of Johnston County Emergency Services said.

Hubbard said officials obtained a $13,000 grant from Homeland Security to fund the drill.

“There are a lot of logistics that go into it. We’re going to have a lot of actors involved with it. We’re going to be moulaging people. We want it to be as realistic as possible,” Hubbard said.

Dolores Gill is the Chief of Staff for Operations at the school district. Gill said they’ve been working together to plan this drill since the fall.

Gill told CBS North Carolina that it’s important for school districts to collaborate with law enforcement.

“They know our buildings just as well as we do. And they’re able to have that communication with us,” Gill said.

The drill will include police, firefighters, EMTs and emergency services, all working together with administrators and teachers.

“We want to be at the highest level of preparedness at all times,” Gill said.

“We want it to be as realistic as possible to make sure that everybody really gets a firm feeling for how bad it could be,” Hubbard said.

Johnston County Schools hasn’t had a drill like this in five years.

It will be held at North Johnston High School on May 2, an early release day.

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