Tea party favorite bets Cruz, Trump coattails can beat Burr

CARY, N.C. (AP) — Greg Brannon is betting the popularity of outsiders like Ted Cruz and Donald Trump can sweep him to a U.S. Senate primary upset win in North Carolina despite falling short in 2014.

The obstetrician finished second two years ago to Thom Tillis, who was favored by party leaders in Washington and is now in the Senate. Brannon is now going after Sen. Richard Burr in the March 15 primary.

Things are different since 2014. Burr is an incumbent who has won two statewide elections. He’s got millions in the bank and has the support of mainline Republicans.

Brannon says Burr is part of the Washington establishment and has failed to stop runaway debt and spending. Burr counters that Brannon is distorting his voting record and cites conservative credentials.

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