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Programming Change

WNCN is no longer broadcasting the Justice Network on air on 17-2 and Spectrum Cable channel 1245. Our contract with them has ended, but it …

Repack Madness!

As you may already know, the FCC is packing TV channels closer together to make room for new services from the cellular companies and other …

Repacking and stacking

In our local market, every station will be moved to a new channel in about 2-4 years from now to clear the upper channels for the new owners…

Blasted Audio!

Certainly, the human ear can detect differences in audio modes, and Digital TV programs come in a wide variety of sound. Most shows are in s…

Are You Smarter Than A Smart TV?

If you are suffering from hearing loss or visual impairment, your TV can help you enjoy the many shows it features without missing a thing.

Where’s the Audio?

If the audio has disappeared, check to see if the TV has changed to SAP or Secondary Audio Programming. Some remotes have a button labeled A…

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