Where’s the Audio?

We have received a few calls this month about “no audio on our channel” and I would like to see if we can help with this. As many of you are aware, Time-Warner is requiring a Digital Tuning Adapter for all their customers to watch cable as they remove the analog channels from their system. Somehow a few of those adapters have caused audio issues after being installed, but it is easy to fix this problem.
The issue is the boxes are setup at the factory, usually for English as the primary audio, but sometimes are set for Spanish or French in the menu, which results in no audio for many programs. All TV stations’ signals contain 8 audio channels for all programming on the main channels. The Main audio is contained on channels 1-6 and a Secondary Audio Program is on channels 7 & 8.

The Secondary Audio, also called SAP, is usually silent unless a program has Descriptive Audio or Spanish audio on them. The Networks provide several hours of programs each week where a narrator describes the action on screen for visually impaired customers on the SAP channels. During most major Sports programming, Spanish can be heard on the secondary channels. When neither special audio is available, the SAP channels are silent.
If you only wish to hear the main audio, go into the receiver’s Audio Menu and make sure MAIN or ENGLISH is selected. Different receivers call it different names, but these are the most popular choices. It’s easy to switch back and forth between the two audio sources, but for most of us we want to be sure to stay on the MAIN audio.

I have noticed some remote controls have an audio button that kids and cats can easily change the audio modes with a single press and you’d never know it was done. Check this first and if you don’t see a button labeled SAP or MTS, then search the menu on your receiver. Some simply call it English for main audio and Spanish for SAP audio.

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