January 8: Warming Up…Finally!


We’re finally going to break out of this record cold snap, but it was still quite cold out there to start this morning:

Once we climb above freezing late this morning, it will snap a record streak of sub-freezing temperatures in the Triangle. We haven’t been above freezing since 1:00am on December 31 — so not only are we just now climbing above 32 degrees for the first time in 2018, but our 200+ consecutive hours of sub-freezing temperatures has obliterated the old record of 159 hours.

Hourly record-keeping at RDU only goes back to 1944 — but daily record-keeping in the Raleigh area overall goes back to the 1880s. In those 130+ years, there have been two stretches of 8 straight calendar days below freezing:
Since we’ll be above-freezing today, our daily streak ends at 7 straight full days below freezing, making this the third-longest such cold snap in the Triangle.

High temperatures will top out in the low to mid 40s this afternoon:
That’s still WELL below-average, but at least we’re making progress.

A chance of showers will head our way from the west late this evening and overnight. The HRRR model’s radar simulation shows the rain trying to move in already by late afternoon, but the dry air in place over central North Carolina will eat away at that moisture:
The best chance of more than a trace of rainfall will be to the northwest of the Triangle — but even there, temperatures should be (barely) warm enough for plain old rain, rather than freezing rain or sleet. (We’ll be keeping a close eye on that part of the forecast throughout the day.) The better chance of a light glaze of freezing rain will shape up closer to the Triad, where a Winter Weather Advisory is in effect:

Warmer temperatures will prevail on Tuesday, with a mix of clouds and sunshine overhead:

After a brief cool-down on Wednesday, even warmer temperatures will settle in for Thursday and Friday:
This time of year, warmer temperatures usually come along with a fair amount of moisture…so it’s no surprise that we have off-and-on showers in the forecast Thursday and even a chance of thunderstorms late Friday! Temperatures will drop again over the weekend, but at least we won’t be back into the deep freeze.


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