January 11: Warm And Wet Weather Ahead


Last week’s record-setting cold snap seems like a distant memory at this point — temperatures reached into the 60s Tuesday and Wednesday, and that’s where we’ll end up later today. But the cold weather isn’t quite done with us yet…
We started off this morning with a HUGE north-to-south temperature difference:
The warmer air will win the battle today, as winds shift to the southeast. High temperatures will still exhibit the same cooler north/warmer south pattern, but a nice warm-up is in store for all of us:
The warmer air will also contain more moisture, so a few showers will be possible off and on throughout the day. The HRRR model’s radar simulation shows the spotty pattern, along with a better chance of rain by this evening (toward the end of the loop):
Grab the umbrella as you’re heading out the door today — there will be plenty of times you won’t have to use it, but it’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.
A better chance of rain will shape up tonight, and could linger into the Friday morning commute. That’s what the RPM model pictured here is depicting:

Models are used for guidance, not gospel…so while I think this particular computer has a good handle on things, Mother Nature may speed things up or slow things down by an hour or two. Just be flexible with any outdoor plans today and tomorrow — check the radar on the WNCN weather app so you can dodge the showers if you want to try to spend some time outside.

We’ll get a little break from the rain around midday Friday, and temperatures will warm up to around 70 degrees!
More showers and thunderstorms move in from the west Friday evening:

I’m not concerned about severe weather in central North Carolina at this point — even the borderline straight-line wind threat should remain farther off to our southwest. We’ll keep an eye on things just in case, of course…

Once the rain moves through, chilly air will make its way back into central North Carolina. Temperatures Saturday will top out in the low 50s pretty early in the day, with readings falling to the 40s by Saturday afternoon:
The colder weather will stick around through the first half of next week. A couple of forecast models are trying to bring another wintry precip chance into the area by Tuesday and Wednesday, but I’m not buying into that just yet. We’ll just add a few clouds to the forecast for now…

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