February 1: Brief Warm Spell to Start the Month


Well, here we go on the temperature roller-coaster again — up today, down tomorrow and Saturday, up to start next week, down again late next week. We’ve got 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s all in the next seven days.
Temperatures started off “appropriately cold” for this first morning of February:
But strong southwesterly winds and abundant sunshine will warm us up to around 60 degrees this afternoon:
The wind will be gusty, so keep both hands on the wheel!
A good chance of rain heads our way tonight, and will linger into early Friday morning. Here’s the RPM model’s radar simulation for that time frame:

Yes, there’s a little snow on that simulation — while it’s possible you’ll see some flakes Friday morning as the showers wind down, it’s not likely. And it’s extremely unlikely that any snow will accumulate…the ground will just be too wet and warm for that.
Once the rain moves off to the east, the sun will re-emerge…but it won’t do much to help temperatures. We’ll be stuck in the 40s for highs Friday and Saturday, with low temperatures around 20 degrees again Saturday morning.
The next chance of rain will move in on Sunday — the latest data indicates that the rain will hold off until temperatures are warm enough to prevent any rain/snow/ice mix. We’ll keep a close eye on that part of the forecast:
The forecast for next week has warmed up significantly, at least for Tuesday and Wednesday…maybe even warm enough for some rumbles of thunder on Wednesday!

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