February 5: More Rain Chances Ahead


Yesterday’s rain is gone, and we’ll get a couple of dry days for the water to soak in before the next chance of rain moves in on Wednesday. Today’s temperatures will end up about 5-7 degrees below normal, but at least we’ll see a lot of sunshine:
Temperatures tonight will drop off quickly, and we’ll end up below freezing in most spots by early Tuesday morning:
A nice warm-up will kick in Tuesday, with highs reaching the upper 50s despite increasing clouds overhead:
Wednesday will be even warmer, but it will bring us that next chance of rain as well. Light showers will be possible at any point in the day, with the heaviest rain moving in from the west by late afternoon. The RPM model’s radar simulation shows the rain quickly progressing through central North Carolina:

A few rumbles of thunder could accompany the heaviest rain, but I’m not concerned about any chance of severe weather.

Another couple of dry days Thursday and Friday will allow Wednesday’s rain to soak in, then the weekend brings us yet another chance of rain:
All of these rain chances are really helping to alleviate drought conditions, but of course we’d rather the rain not fall on the weekend! We’ll keep you updated on the weekend forecast throughout the week…

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