February 6: Warmer Today, Rainy Tomorrow


We’re in for a nice warmup today, despite a chilly start this morning:
Temperatures will climb to the 50s and 60s this afternoon — not bad for early February!
We’ll see increasing clouds overhead today and tonight, but the next chance of rain won’t head our way until tomorrow.

The clouds tonight will help keep temperatures from dropping too far:
And we’ll warm up again on Wednesday before the best chance of rain arrives:
The heaviest rain will move in from the west in the afternoon, with lingering showers into the evening. The RPM model’s radar simulation shows that trend:

So while the morning commute looks to be dry, I’d plan on a longer drive home. We’re likely to pick up anywhere from a half-inch to one inch of rainfall — not enough to cause flooding problems, but watch out for some deeper puddles and maybe some standing water on the side of the road. And while you might hear a few rumbles of thunder south of the Triangle, severe weather isn’t in the cards for us this time around.

Dry and cooler weather settles in Thursday and most of Friday, before the next chance of rain moves in Friday night:
The weekend is looking generally wet. I think we’ll eventually be able to zero in on either Saturday or Sunday as the wetter day, but at this point the data is muddled enough that we just have to broad-brush a 60% chance for both days. Either way, I’d be thinking of an indoor alternative for any outdoor plans.

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