February 13: “Blerg” Weather Today, Warmer Tomorrow


Today’s weather will bring us the full array of gloomy conditions. Overcast skies? Yes. Below-average temperatures? Oh yeah. Spotty rain showers? Yup. That means there’s just one word (or sound) to describe today…
Believe it or not, this morning’s low temperatures were a little above-average for mid-February:
The problem is, we just won’t warm up very much — this afternoon’s highs will be about ten degrees below normal:
Spotty showers will be with us throughout the day…the HRRR model’s radar simulation shows just enough rain to dampen things from time to time:
Keep the umbrella handy, but you certainly won’t need it all the time today.

The clouds will be tough to shake tonight, but even partial clearing will be enough to allow temperatures to drop to the mid 30s by early Wednesday morning:
A warm-up will kick in tomorrow, as southerly winds push the cold air off to the north. We’ll hit the upper 50s and low 60s, despite more clouds than sunshine overhead:
And once again, a chance of showers will move across central North Carolina — this time, mostly in the afternoon and evening:

The warm-up will continue through the end of the work week, and right now it looks like should be dry on Thursday! But the next round of shower chances will creep in late Friday, and things look unsettled through early next week:
I know, I know…another wet weekend??? This would be the fourth consecutive rainy weekend, but at this point my confidence in the weekend forecast is low. The medium-range forecast models have been all over the place regarding our specific rain chances, so just be flexible with any outdoor plans and we’ll keep you updated as Presidents’ Day weekend gets closer.

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