4th Of July Museum & Park Events

The July 4th holiday is a great time to soak up some North Carolina culture with the help of our great museums, parks and historic sites. He…

cure ahc

Hardison & Cochran: CURE AHC

Hardison and Cochran is doing good by shining a light on AHC, a debilitating, ultra rare disease. Jeff Wuchich is the co-founder and preside…


Food Lion Kitchen: Asian Chicken Salad

Asian Chicken Salad Serves 8   6 Food Lion (My Essentials) frozen chicken breasts, thawed, cooked, cooled and cubed 1 cup Food Lion (My Esse…


Finn Facial: Face Lifts

Dr. Charles Finn of Finn Facial Plastics is helping patients with a range of needs from basic facial maintenance, to major rejuvenation, or …


See It, Skip It, Rent It

Movie critic Neil Morris tells us about the new releases and whether we should see it, skip it or rent it.